Régis Colombo
Ch. du Valentin 34
1004 Lausanne
M +41 79 640 14 40
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Scarves art "world cities" in limited series

Squares "Transparencises" 90x90cm are from a fine and soft silk rolled hems main.Ils are created in limited Edition on the model of paintings exhibited in art galleries.

The images from the “Transparencies” series borrow both from the pictorial tradition and the most modern photographic process of digital fusion.
Like a documentary, with moments of eternity captured by the photographer, and, at the same time, a daydream in which the traveller’s good and bad memories have blended, Régis Colombo’s compositions reproduce the quintessence of the places he has visited and question our visual memory.

For orders, thank you to specify which city (Dubai, Venice, New York and Paris) in the field "Note" Remarque:


Square Tokyo

Square Dubai

Square Venice

Square Paris

Square New York