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Régis Colombo

Over the past 20 years, the Swiss photographer Régis Colombo has won renown, at home and abroad, by his portraits, advertising work, landscapes and, above all, by his long-distance trips. This still-image backpacker has travelled the length and breath of the five continents, scoured some forty or so countries very often preferring to leave the beaten track and find places that have never been photographed before. Because his tirelessly curious eye, sensitive to the slightest variation in light, demanding technical perfection, is always seeking THE photo, that is to say the one that will concentrate magical shades, vibrations and moments that cannot be told with words.

For several years now, Régis Colombo has also been doing personal work, taking photography in a more pictorial direction with disconcerting compositions. He is recognised for his constantly evolving technique and is work in the field of furtive photography, always seeking the tiniest detail. He takes us to a timeless world where the diversity of objects and beings is highlighted. He captures a fragment of space and time that will never return by holding his camera in one hand and his imaginary setting in the other.

Book - 20 years photo


Book - 20 years photo



In 20 years, photography has undergone radical changes: technical ones, of course, with the digital revolution but also aesthetical ones with an outburst of fields of artistic experimen tation, media, interpenetrations with other forms of visual expression. Nowadays, possibi­ lities seem endless, the art photography market is effervescent, the culture of photography dominates the social space.
The work of Swiss photographer Régis Colombo reflects these upheavals. From black and white film photography to digital creations, his work explores and restores the proliferation of contemporary photography.
Documentaries in all parts of the world, landscapes, portraits, outlooks, textures, materials...
Right from his first magazine cover in Thailand up to the New York exhibitions, his camera lets you see the world in all its forms, whether real or imaginary... In the flickering of an eyelid you can come across Woody Allen, the Amsterdam brothels, some children playing football on a cloud. The sea foam turned into a graphical abstraction. The loneliness of towns, shadow, concrete and glass geometries. The silhouette of men swallowed by the passage of time. The movement of lives breaking down identities. In Zanzibar, three men are walking under an immense stormy sky. A bit further, an orchestra of chefs is composing a ballet with chef’s hats. The marathon runner is lost on a no return road. Half way between a retrospective and a projection, from his cult series “Transparencies” to the vineyards in the Lake Geneva area, which have earned him many distinctions, this book is an opportunity to wander on the tracks of an art that continues to reinvent itself

Scarves art "world cities" in limited series

Squares "Transparencises" 90x90cm are from a fine and soft silk rolled hems main.Ils are created in limited Edition on the model of paintings exhibited in art galleries.

The images from the “Transparencies” series borrow both from the pictorial tradition and the most modern photographic process of digital fusion.
Like a documentary, with moments of eternity captured by the photographer, and, at the same time, a daydream in which the traveller’s good and bad memories have blended, Régis Colombo’s compositions reproduce the quintessence of the places he has visited and question our visual memory.

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